Services Provided by the
Jefferson County Clerk's Office

Below is a table of services that are provided by the Jefferson County Clerk's Office and a schedule of fees for those services. Payment for these services, pursuant to Act 1045 of 2001, is due and payable at the time of service. Click on a topic to be taken directly to its available services.

For Initiating a Cause of Action in Probate $165.00
Re-opening a Cause of Action in Probate Court $50.00
Other Miscellaneous Probate Fees
Accounting $50.00
Affidavit to Claim Against Estate $5.00
Authenticated Copies $5.00 plus
.50¢ per page
Certified Probate Court Documents $5.00
Preparing Notice of Accounting to be Published $5.00
Search Fee $5.00
Small Estate $25.00
First Certified Copy of Small Estate $3.00
Additional Certified Copies of Small Estate $5.00
Subpoenas (Probate Only) Charge if we prepare $5.00
Will for Safekeeping $5.00
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County Court Fees
1. Articles of Incorporation $25.00
a. Amendment $25.00
b. Dissolution $25.00
c. Merger $25.00
d. Change of Registered Office and/or Agent $25.00
2. Assumed Name (Doing Business As) $25.00
a. Amendment $10.00
b. Cancellation $10.00
c. Index Fee $1.00
d. Certified Copy $5.00
3. Fictitious Name $25.00
a. Cancellation $10.00
4. Partnerships $25.00
a. Amendment $10.00
Doctor's Credentials/Pharmacists/Nursing License $5.00
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Marriage Licenses
1. Marriage Licenses $58.00
a. Certified Copy of Marriage License (True Copy) $7.00
b. Certified Photocopy of Bond Sheet $5.00
c. Marriage License Replacement (before or after marriage) $15.00
d. Microfilm Copy of Marriage License $0.75
Minister's Credentials $5.00
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Voter Registration
1. County and City Maps $1.00
2. Photocopy $0.50
3. Voter Registration List .02¢ per name
4. Duplicate Copy of Voter Registration $1.00
5. Certified Documents $5.00
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Beer Permits
A. New Business $15.00
B. Beer and Wine Formula based on sales
C. Liquor License $250.00
D. Private Club Licenses $250.00
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Processing Fee $25.00
Passport Book Fees (Under Age 16) $60.00
Passport Book Fees (Age 16 and Over) $75.00
Passport Card Fees (Under Age 16) $10.00
Passport Card Fees (Age 16 and Over) $20.00
Confirmed Mail Fee $5.65 Cash
For more information about Passports, click here.
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Miscellaneous Fees
Microfilm Copy of Any Document .75¢
Photostatic Copy of any Document, except Marriage License .50¢ per page
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